Discipleship is an integral part of the Christian's life.  Living Hope is dedicated to helping everyone grow in their discipleship journey.


The first step of faith and the discipleship process is to connect to Christ.  We begin with open and honest inquiry of the big questions:  Who is God?  Who am I?  How do we deal with our disappointments and failings?  We explore these individually and collectively as we discover the historic faith in our ever-changing world.  We understand that each person is wrestling with different challenges and understanding but seek to discover Biblical insight and celebrate God’s grace in Jesus Christ together.  One of the main ways that we connect to God is through worship.  Our worship is informal and welcoming, with a blended music style.

We also are called to connect with others.  One of the great gifts that God gives us is sisters and brothers with whom we walk together through life.  We encourage, support, celebrate and mourn together.


The second step of the discipleship process is to grow.  God’s love meets us where we are, and He invites us to grow in faith and understanding.  At Living Hope, we are committed to pursuing well-rounded discipleship seeking to fulfill the call to grow in Christlikeness in every way. (Ephesians 4:15)  The best way for this type of growth to take place is in small groups.  We encourage members and friends of the church to join a RAVE Group.

 RAVE stands for more relational, more accessible, more versatile and more effective. Our groups meet weekly in multi-week intervals.  Generally, meetings last 1-1.5 hours at various locations.  These groups help to strengthen our faith and relationships.  To request information on how to join a RAVE group, please contact us at office@livinghopeec.org.


The third step of discipleship is that we go and serve.  This stems from the understanding that we have been made different by God’s love and are called to go and make a difference with God’s love.  We encourage members and friends of Living Hope to actively serve where they have a passion.  This takes place as individual service opportunities, small group projects and congregation wide efforts to love our neighbors and our neighbors in need.